#1 What was your team's most cherished game-day achievement(s)? von Skyzhay 25.10.2021 07:54

There is a way to solve this problem by requiring players to give their money back to the game and to eliminate the existence of coins that circulate. While I'm not an expert on this Araxxor issue, I think it's a good step in the right direction to offer incentives to players so they spend their money responsibly and make sure that the money doesn't be diverted to players.

Although I'm not a player, my knowledge of the game isn't sufficient to suggest any reasonable methods to accomplish that. There are still ways to get rid off the money that has been around since years, like shops, sawmills and others. They've managed to keep the rate of inflation from 2001 to 2009.

It's evident, however, that this isn’t enough. Perhaps shop prices and selections could be modified to increase spending. Low as it may be, the amount dropped by monsters might require lowering. Additionally, I could be mistaken, but perhaps things are getting more rapidly because the inflation rate is inherently exponential, whereas one's rate of acquiring GP isn't.

What was your team's most cherished game-day achievement(s)? You felt amazing after you completed it. You can do anything you want for example, an achievement, a comp cape or even killing an enemy. 99 Defense is most likely mine. It was long on my wish list due to the significance of defense when the tanking process. Since 2006, I've not had any members and I was forced but to complete it in freeplay. This was obviously murder. It was also accessible during my inactive period of 2007 to 2013.

What has changed in armor due to the constant combat changes and what is evolving? From what I've observed I'm left with these questions. If armour doesn't give bonus points for attack, what incentives should I offer to make my appropriate gear for my class? The new d'hide/ purple robes/ rune seem to have the same defensive/life bonuses. What is the mechanism behind it? Does that robe provide the same protection like the rune? Why should I wear it? If you want to know more about can go rsgoldfast.com/

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