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The red scarf on the neck fluttered in the wind, and the bright red and shiny gold set off the proud smiles that stood under the national flag and were receiving awards. So proud. It may be the last time I stood on the podium in elementary school, which really excited me! When I returned to the classroom mokingusacigarettes.com, I could n��t wait to open two heavy books that were shining in my eyes and had occupied all my heart. The content of the book is very very attractive to me, but even more surprising to me is that on the white title page, there is a line of vigorous inscription: "Reading a good book can make us grow healthily and develop more harmoniously!" This turned out to be a message hand-written by President Wu! It is about to graduate from elementary school Marlboro Lights. It is an accident to receive such a precious gift! This sentence will surely be the driving force for my future writing Newport Cigarettes. Now think of it, from participating in the grade composition competition to winning, and then to participate in the Chu Cai composition competition. All of this came too fast, and I was almost over before I had enough time to react. I was a little flattered. The sudden arrival of happiness really made me a little caught off guard! However, in the process of this composition, I was happy. In these flying texts, I fly freely, leaving an endless aftertaste. To be honest, I really did n��t like writing, and I could n��t write. When writing, I don't know what to write at all. Therefore, at that time, I was not interested in writing at all. But later, I liked reading books, and I gradually got some ideas in my head, and some ink accumulated in my stomach. Coupled with the careful guidance of Teacher Zhang, some of the messy words in the heart, after repeated scrutiny and careful consideration, will become a splendid article on the composition paper, which makes me very successful sense. From not writing before, afraid to write, to writing, and then wanting to write. Although I feel a little weird, even a little unbelievable. But this did indeed happen, or it happened to me. I painted my heart, and my heart expressed my feelings. When you can say everything you want to say; when you can write down your ideas and ideas completely; when you can record all the truths of life and good words and sentences that you suddenly realized, you will feel Very enjoyable! You will taste the pleasure from these words, just like the deer that came out for the first time to taste, the taste of the tender leaves with dewdrops. Your novel ideas and bold ideas; your gripping plots and colorful writings will get everyone's envious eyes. At that time, you will be very happy, this is a real joy. Every time I turn in my composition, I hope that my work will turn into a typeface and appear in "Daisy"; every time I read the class blog and read so many wonderful articles from my classmates, I will always linger and thank you. Experience the joy of writing; thank you, alma mater, here is my childhood pleasure; thank you, writing, let me express my joys and sorrows; thank you, life, let me feel your enthusiasm and beauty.
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